Monday, December 5, 2011

Its that time of the year...

Christmas decorations are everywhere, everything has a peppermint flavor and people are complaining about the BCS.  For many years, I have been a supporter of the BCS but this year I actually had some doubts.

Honey Badger doesn't
care who he plays
The thing that hurt the BCS this year I believe is that LSU is such a dominant number one team. Most years people have a couple teams who they argue who is the best team in the nation. But this year is a no doubter based on the Tigers’ impressive resume as well as losses by every other team in the nation.  So, the next argument becomes who is the number two team.

There are many arguments to be made that Oklahoma State is the number two team in the nation.  They have wins over three currently ranked teams in the BCS, #14 Oklahoma, #8 Kansas State, #12 Baylor, compared to two for Alabama, #6 Arkansas, #22 Penn State.
Another point I have a hard time getting past is that Oklahoma State lost on the road while Alabama lost at home.  Granted, the caliber of opponent was much different between but champions take care of business at home.
The final sticking point for me is that the Cowboys won their conference championship while Alabama wasn’t even in the conference championship game.  While Oklahoma State was making a statement against their rivals this weekend, Alabama was sitting at home, hoping voters remembers their lofty preseason rank and program prestige.
The Crimson Tide is riding mostly on preseason hype. A preseason #2 ranking and 14 previous national championships will earn a program that. But if voters look at who has the least damaging loss, that argument clearly favors the Crimson Tide. I cannot imagine a world where a football team loses to Iowa State and still plays for a national title.

Every game matters...
Except this year apparently
Based on the overwhelming support for OK State… I think the BCS ultimately got it right.  If the goal of the BCS is to have the two best teams face each other then I guess, mission accomplished.  Would I rather see LSU-Oklahoma State? Absolutely, Alabama had their shot at the Tigers, why not give Oklahoma State a chance?

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