Saturday, January 28, 2012

UFC on Fox 2: Put up or Shut up

The UFC is certainly on a roll. Every card in recent memory has delivered and their transition to their new networks has worked out tremendously. UFC on FX was a complete success by any measure. There were slick submissions, devastating knockouts, and a bantamweight scrap that everyone could appreciate. Also, it was used as a lead in to the Diaz-Condit Primetime special which I encourage everyone to check out.

This weekend is a card that I have been looking forward to for a while, UFC on Fox 2. Their inaugural card on Fox featured only one minute of fighting in the hour time slot, thanks Junior dos Santos. This time around Dana White has put together a triple header that he hopes to entertain a group of new fans.

Every fight card has its own storyline. This one is clearly trash talk. No, not the hardcore punk band from Sacramento, but due to recent card changes, fighters' verbal sparring has taken the headlines. Rashad Evans has said some things that may have crossed the line, but clearly he does not respect his opponent in Phil Davis.

In the co-main event Michael Bisping has held his own against Chael Sonnen, the pound for pound trash talk champion. If these fights can come close to matching the verbal battles, we will certainly be memorable.

Prediction time
Josh Neer spoiled my perfect predictions with his win last week but progress is being made. This week' card only features three main card fights so it shouldn't be too hard to go 3-0, right?

Demian Maia versus Chris Weidman

When Weidman was announced as the last minute opponent for Maia I was excited. He was a fighter I picked as a break out guy in 2012 on my Split Decision, my weekly MMA show, but I was surprised to see him as the Vegas favorite.

Maia has only been stopped by Mark Munoz and Nate Marquardt, two guys with better striking and more power than Weidman. I see this as a ground battle that goes on and it is hard for me to believe Weidman is in enough shape to go three rounds and get the win.

Maia by Unanimous decision.

Chael Sonnen versus Michael Bisping

Sonnen is on a mission for a rematch with Anderson Silva. He was two minutes away from the belt before Silva pulled off one of the most memorable submissions ever and Sonnen will beat up anyone who gets in his way.  Saturday night that man is Michael Bisping, who is riding a 4 fight win streak.

Bisping is a huge underdog, at +325 he provides great value if you are into that whole gambling thing. While I feel that it is ridiculous there is no denying his weakness is Sonnen's greatest strength. On the feet, Bisping is superior but I doubt he will be able to keep it standing.

30-27 win for the biggest arms in the business Chael Sonnen.

Rashad Evans versus Phil Davis

Up until this past week when the words really started flying this main event was overshadowed by Sonnen-Bisping. Evans is the clear favorite in this fight and it seems like everyone is expecting him to win to set up the Jones-Evans title fight we have all been wanting.

Phil Davis is a great athlete, and despite what Evans thinks, Davis has great wrestling. But has his striking improved enough to be able to trade with Rashad to set up the takedowns? This is a huge opportunity for Davis and I will be interested to see how he reacts to the main stage.

Despite Davis' size and reach and advantage, much like Sonnen, Evans is too focused on a Jones title fight to lose this one.

Evans TKO round 3.

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