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UFC on FX 3: Stache Vs Mouse Take II

After two great performances my predictions took a slight hit last week due to two upsets in the TUF final and main event. A weaker man would have made excuses and avoided another piece.  Did you think I’d crumble; did you think I’d lay down and die? Oh no, not I, I will survive!

The UFC is lucky to still have its main event.  Especially after the past couple weeks in the sport has seen so many injuries, Belfort, Bisping, Stann and Cruz just to name a few. We all know the controversy that was McCall-Johnson I and hopefully this fight won’t disappoint and the company can crown its first ever flyweight champion some time this summer.

Now on to the picks…

Previews and Predictions
Last Week: 2-3
Year: 34-21

When the WEC was absorbed by the UFC Wineland, a former bantamweight champion, was a name people that tapped as a potential champion. On the last WEC card he had a devastating KO by a slam against Ken Stone that made a rocking Phoenix crown go silent. Since coming over though he has lost his two bouts against Urijah Faber and Joseph Benavidez. Wineland can finish the fight any second standing but will need to avoid Jorgensen’s takedowns in order to have a chance in this one.

Jorgensen is the definition of a gate keeper at this point in his career.  He has no problem against Jeff Curran or Ken Stone but when he faces the elite fighters in the division, Renan Barao/Dominick Cruz, he struggles. “Young Guns” is very difficult to finish though, only being stopped once in 18 career fights.  The key for him is to avoid getting into a brawl with Wineland.  Jorgensen needs to utilize wrestling and ground the dangerous Wineland and grind to a victory.

Jorgensen Unanimous Decision (30-27)

This is a great fight between two veterans; they combine for 75 professional fights. Pyle had a three fight win streak before running into the pain train that is Rory MacDonald.  He bounced back nicely though when he marched into Brazil on enemy soil and TKOd Ricardo Faunch. “Quciksand” makes his money on the ground though, earning 16 of his 22 wins by submission.

“The Dentist” is on a six fight winning streak, the second longest of his career, where has finished all of his opponents. He has fought all over the world against some of the top names in the sport and Neer seems like a different fighter in his third stint with the UFC.  Neer can win this fight wherever it goes but I imagine he will want to keep it standing and earn his 18th knockout.

Neer TKO Round 3

When Silva was last seen in the Octagon he was watching Joe Rogan verbally lash Mario Yamasaki for his decision to disqualify Silva for blows to the back of the head against Carlo Prater. Whether you agreed with decision or not, I did not, it is impossible to argue that Silva has not been impressive in his two UFC bouts.  His explosive striking has ended both fights, legally or not, in under a minute.  Oh yeah, he is a black belt in jiu-jitsu and judo as well.

Brenneman is 4-2 in the Octagon with all his wins by decision.  He had a great win against Rick Story back in June 2011 but that momentum quickly disappeared after an Anthony Johnson head kick.  The key to this fight is whether or not “the Spaniard” can get this fight to the ground.  Silva has all the credentials but no one knows how great they really are because his fights have been over so quickly.

Silva KO Round One

This is a fight I have been looking forward to ever since the Australia commission botched the result of their initial bout. Have no fear, I have a source inside the company that says Judge Cecil Peoples is bringing along one of these to insure correct addition.Not only do I love both of their nicknames, the two of them each have entertaining styles of fighting.  McCall shocked everyone in the first fight when he outwrestled Johnson.  “Uncle Creepy” also was able to land the harder strikes, nearly finishing Johnson in the third round.

While “Mighty Mouse” may have been outwrestled there was no doubt he was the quicker of the two fighters.  He has also stated on many occasions how his new diet should allow him to have more energy and now wear down in the later stages of the fight.

This is a hard fight to predict because neither guy has fought anyone else since their last bout.  I think McCall has the mental edge in this one because he almost finished Johnson.  This should be a back and forth war but I don’t see a stoppage happening either.

McCall Unanimous Decision (29-28)
Hopefully the fight can match the brightness
of their shorts at weight ins.

Credit: MMAJunkie

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Brace Yourself...

Last weeks predictions proved a few things: I suck at predictions, I suck at grammar, and I make my co-host, Marty Downes look really intelligent.

So, I have a new plan this week. I am going to pick against who I think will win.  That is right; I am trying a brand new strategy. I still promise shitty Grammar, cant change too much.

This free card will have 4 fights and will start off in the Bantamweight division with Eddie Wineland and Scott “Young guns” Jorgensen. Wineland is 0-2 since coming over to the UFC, but I think a lot of people would be having had to fight Faber and Benavidez. Scott Jorgensen is coming off a loss against Renan Barao, who will be fighting Faber for the interim belt in a month. This fight is a great chance for Young Guns to make a move to make a run at the title. I would pick Scotty, but since I am doing this new style of picking, I will take the latter.

Pick: Eddie Wineland (Split Decision)

In the second main event fight, we go to what you could consider “fatties” compared to 2 of the 3 other fights on this card with Mike “Quicksand” Pyle and “The Dentist” Josh Neer. Pyle is entering his 9th fight in the octagon, and has a very solid 5-3 record. The Dentist is 2-0 so far in the UFC and is moving his way through the division. I have a hard time picking against the Dentist (mainly because I am scared of dentists) but.. I am trying a new style… so….

Pick: Mike “Quicksand” Pyle (Unanimous Decision 29-28)

We stay in the Welterweight division for Erick “ Indio ” Silva and Charlie “The Spaniard” Brenneman. Indian vs a Spaniard… I feel like there is some war I could reference, but I fell asleep in my 9th grade Social Studies class a lot. Sorry Ms. Fackler (don’t let the name confuse you… SHE WAS A BABE) Silva “lost” his last fight because of shots to the back of Prater’s head… While he still received his fight bonus, his record moved to 1-1 in the octagon. Brenneman has struggled since stopping the “Horror” Story. While he is 1-1 since that huge win, he hasn’t impressed…. But since I think Silva wins I have to go to my new strategy…. This is really testing my new strategy.

Pick: Brenneman (TKO-Punches/Knees RD1)

NOW THE MAIIIINNNNN EEEVVVEENNNNTTT OF THE EVENING (in my best Buffer typing)… I feel like we have seen this fight before….. Déjà vu maybe? Or just Judges who cant add good… HEY, I can do that (make mental note to apply to be a UFC judge).

Ian McCall and Demetrious Johnson… Uncle Creepy and Mighty Mouse…I am changing my strategy for this fight. McCall had that thing won if it went to an extra round….

Pick: McCall (Decision-FOTN)

That is it for me… Most likely will fail yet again, I am used to it by now.

Enjoy the fights!

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