Friday, March 6, 2015

Brandon Marshall on the Move... Again

The Bears new regime made their first huge player personnel decision today sending Brandon Marshall to the Jets for a reported fifth round draft pick. 

Ryan Pace is already putting his mark on the team.  He wants a new defense, better and scouts and his own players and Marshall is just the beginning of that. The much maligned receiver was Pace's predecessor's first big splash so it shouldn't come as a shock that he is the first to go.

Marshall was a breath of fresh air for a franchise that had not had a true number one receiver in some time before his arrival but it was time for him to leave. He is 31 years old, has gone through multiple hip surgeries and seems to be more focused on his TV career than his game.

Replacing his production will be difficult, Alshon Jeffery will need to step up while he looks for a new contract and we will see if Marquess Wilson can live up to the potential the previous coaching regime would gush about. It appears the Bears are already looking to the free agent market to help the passing game.

Now, all eyes will be on what Pace and company does with the almost $4 million in cap savings this trade provides. The signing of Jimmy Clausen today likely puts a stop to the rumors of signing Jake Locker or another quarterback.

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As a bonus you can also listen to my podcast recorded before all this news went down where I preview my thoughts on the free agency market for the Bears and potential first round draft picks.